How to Practise Your English Speaking

December 18, 2020

If you don’t live in an English-speaking country, and you don’t have friends or family to speak English with, where can you practise your English speaking skills?
It’s easier to have a conversation if you have a reason to speak – something to talk about. These ideas all give you a reason to speak with another person.

Unique Ways to Practice Speaking English

December 18, 2020

Let’s be honest. You cannot claim to be fluent in English if you are not a fluent English speaker. Even if you have memorized the English dictionary, it will not matter if you cannot communicate in English. With that being said, we understand that speaking in English for non-native speakers can be intimidating.
Conversational English, especially, is challenging. In addition to the other ways English is confusing when you want to speak like native English speakers, it means you must be familiar with slang, contractions, and cultural idioms.
So, how do you move from the textbook and the computer screen grammar practice to actually speaking English? To put it simply – you speak it! To become a fluent English speaker, you must make every effort to speak English daily and often. However, many foreign language students find themselves struggling to find opportunities to practice speaking English. That’s where we come in. Below, you will find 15 ways to practice speaking English, especially if you take an English class in DC.

How to improve your spoken English | 8 Tips

December 17, 2020

When you ask a language student what their goals are, almost everyone says “improve my speaking”. When learning a foreign language, you’ll find yourself talking with all kinds of native speakers – your teacher, servers in restaurants, taxi drivers and your landlord, so it’s vital that you feel comfortable. Just like improving your writing, listening or any other skill, there are techniques you can use to improve your spoken English in a targeted way. Here are eight of our favorites:

How to Practice Speaking English Alone

December 16, 2020

Speaking English can be tough at times. The rules don’t always make sense and you might feel overwhelmed trying to remember everything. You know that you need to practice speaking out loud, but might feel self-conscious about making mistakes in front of native speakers. Luckily, you already have a built-in speaking partner: yourself. There are a few ways to practice English by yourself that can help improve your fluency and confidence.

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